Renovating a barn in Classic style

Many times when purchasing an equine facility it is much more advantageous to renovate an existing barn than to start over.  These makeovers, however, can present unique challenges.  Often, posts to which the stall fronts and partitions attach are not the same distances apart.  Window or dutch door openings may be an unusual size.

With Classic Equine Equipment, CEE, this is never an issue.  We custom build each piece of equipment just for you.  Each stall front, partition, barn door, etc is made to your exact measurements and specifications.  Below is an example of a barn which was renovated using Classic equipment.

Before and After Renovation Photos

Barn interior before renovation

Barn interior after renovation

A complete facelift was accomplished using Classic Equine products.

What was used:

  • 4700 series European stall fronts with removable yoke fill pieces
  • 3000 series Legend stall partitions with half grill
  • 3000 series Legend full mesh stall fronts with feed doors
  • Interlocking terra cotta rubber flooring
  • Brass horse head finials

Classic Equine European Stall Front

Classic Equine Yoke Detail

Classic Equine mesh stall fronts

Brass Horse Head Finial

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